Ancient Egyptian Union and Rebirth of Re and Osiris.

The union of Re and Osiris in ancient Egyptian culture produced as a result new decorative motives in the ancient Egyptian iconography.

Khepri and Osiris. First hour Amdouat. Ancient Egypt. Tomb of Ay

Khepri and two figures of Osiris. First hour of the Amduat. Tomb of Ay. Photo:

The earth god and the sky god needed to be reconciled in religious scenes and from the New Kingdom artist worked in creating new depictions of this mixed conception of ancient Egyptian religion.

In the Book of the Amduat Re in its journey had to unite with Osiris in the depths of the night and receive the power to be reborn in the morning. This idea written in hieroglyphs needed its iconographic reflection. Here ancient Egyptian artists from XVIII Dynasty started their brainstorming.

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