A New Ancient Egyptian Tomb with Typical Funerary Scene Discovered.

Ancient Egypt gives us again a good document. The tomb of Amenhotep, the Gater’s keeper of god Amun, has been discovered in Gourna.

Although it is still too soon for seeing the whole decoration, some images of the walls can help us to imagine how could be some complete scenes.

Tomb of Gatekeeper of God Amun in Gourna. Ancient Egypt. XVIII Dynasty. Photo www.thecairopost.com

Funerary procession of Amenhotep, the gatekeeper of god Amun in Gourna. XVIII Dynasty. Photo www.thecairopost.com

This is the case of a part of the funerary procession, which can be seen on the right wall of the funerary chapel. Walking to an image of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris there is a depiction of a typical funerary procession of Ancient Egypt: In the upper register two oxen with ropes attached to their horns are moving forwards the West, one man stimulates the animal with a kind of branches (a natural whip), some men are holding the rope, two men are raising their arms, another one is burning and pouring; behind him there is a standing man with a long stick and dressed with a kind of shroud…

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