The Art of Ancient Egypt. A short Reflexion.

The art of Ancient Egypt has a very big interest from the esthetical point of view. But its composition, its scenes, its colors… have always a specific meaning.

Before getting into the art of a moment of the history, we should mention some theoretical matters about art and history. Because any artistic expression needs to be understood in space and in time. Ancient Egypt is not an exception.

Pyramid of Meidum. Ancient Egypt

Pyramid of Meidum. Photo: Mª Rosa Valdesogo

In every artistic production there are two main components: esthetic (the appearance the artist wants to give to the work) and the technique (the work procedures). But the art is closely united to the human feeling, his conception of the world, his religious and/or spiritual beliefs. At the same time the artwork is integrated into a country, a region, a city…

Marx and Engels. Berlin. Reflexions about the art in Ancient Egypt

Marx and Engels. Berlin. Photo: Mª Rosa Valdesogo.

Many statues spread in our nowadays cities are a good proof of it. For instance, the monument of Marx and Engels in Berlin is a result of some techniques, but there is also in it an intention of political propaganda. This artwork of the sculptor Ludwig Engelhart would not have existed out of the Marxist historical moment.

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