Art or Craftwork in Ancient Egypt?

We have been lately writing about the artwork in general. The artwork is a human production conditioned by the author’s skills, by the historical moment and the place where it is produced. Ancient Egypt was not an exception.

The Avenue of the Sphinxes in Karnak. Ancient Egypt.

The Avenue of the Sphinxes in Karnak. Is every sphinx an artwork? Photo:


The big question also for us is, can we speak about artwork in Ancient Egypt? Or must we talk about craftwork?

According to the experts, an artistic creation needs the following five properties which mark its nature:

  • Artificiality. It has to be the result of an intentioned human activity, not something spontaneous.
  • It has to have an intentioned esthetic, thought to be contemplated and perceived through he senses, the emotions. It has to have the intention of transmitting something to an observer.

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