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Book: “Hair and Death in Ancient Egypt”.

Dear followers,

We have already posted the core content of the research about hair and death in Ancient Egypt. But, we do not stop!

Scribes from the mastaba of Ty in Saqqara. VI Dynasty.

Scribe from the mastaba of Ty in Saqqara. VI Dynasty. Photo: Mª Rosa Valdesogo Martín.

Following the request from some of you, the next step will be to publish the book about it. Obviously it will not have the same strucure as it has had in the blog, and we are still considering if making just a digital version or borth (digital and paper). Your opinion in that point is crucial. Anyway, we hope that it will be ready for next 2014.

The blog still goes on. There are too many aspects of the hair into the funerary belief of Ancient Egyptthat worth it.

We will keep on posting about it, although with less frequency.

We hope you will stay with us.

Thank you for being there!!!!