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In 2005 I published my book about Hair in Funerary Context in Ancient Egypt, which was my doctorate research. With the help of Nadine Guilhou from Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier) I came to important conclusions that helped to know much better some funerary rites in Ancient Egypt.  But, mainly, I noticed the importance of mourning women, whose presence was crucial for the dead’s resurrection.

Mourning women, one of them on the ground pulling her hair. Relief from the tomb of Mereruka in Saqqara. Photo: Mª Rosa Valdesogo Martín.

It was published in Spanish and my intention was to translate it into English or French for the international community.

Thanks to the new technologies, now we can share knowledge in an easy and quick way, so I have thought to use them  to transmit that content to everyone who could be interested.

I hope you enjoy.

María Rosa Valdesogo Martín